Video footage captured the moment where a robber wearing a blue hoodie and jeans rushing towards the victim and grabbing a blue suitcase and backpack, quickly fleeing into a getaway car, dropping the suitcase on the way.

Fighting Back

However, after the criminal gets in the vehicle, the victim, identified as a tourist traveling with his family from Seattle, chases him down. The man forcefully pulls on the backpack and takes it back. Before the getaway car could drive off, the victim smashes his backpack against the passenger side door.

A San Francisco resident captured the incident on camera and later identified as Forrest Lanning. In a Twitter post, he said it was his second time witnessing a smash-and-grab incident in Golden Gate Park.

“I’ve never seen it done in the neighborhoods; it’s always Golden Gate Park, where they know there’s tourists,” Lanning said, the San Francisco Gate reported.