Safeway Parking Lot Standoff in San Jose Ends in Arrest; Detained Man Suspected of Santa Clara Burglary Ring

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Man Got Arrested During a Standoff at San Jose’s Safeway Parking Lot

On Wednesday, police officers arrested a man after a standoff at San Jose’s Safeway Parking lot. Officials revealed that the man is a potential suspect for a burglary ring investigation in Santa Clara County.

At the time of the incident, the Santa Clara Police Department tracked down the man’s location north of Highway 85 between Camden Avenue and Branham Lane. From there, cops chased the man in an attempt to confirm his involvement with the burglary investigation.

According to police officials, the suspect refused to get out of his car to talk to them. Both Santa Clara and San Jose officers were present at the scene. After an hour of initial contact, the man went out of his vehicle and peacefully surrendered to the authorities. 

Police also disclosed that the man got arrested for other unrelated active charges.

Sunnyvale Police Arrested Five Suspects for Burglary Ring Crime Investigations

The arrested man in the San Jose Parking lot standoff is a possible suspect for an EDD fraud ring that took place last month.

The Sunnyvale Police Department of Public Safety detained five people on December 3. Officers announced that the arrested individuals are prime suspects for a benefits fraud crime.

After identifying at least 100 possible victims of the EDD fraud, the police department tracked down the suspects. According to the police department, the burglary resulted in a loss amounting to over $1 million.

On November 16, Monday, the police department’s Burglary Suppression Detail (BDD) conducted a follow-up investigation of the case. The inspection led to the arrest of suspect George Ramirez. According to the BDD, the 35-year-old San Jose resident reportedly stole several personal identification items. Those include utility bills, personal checks, social security cards, and credit cards. Ramirez’s arrest took place at one of the county’s hotels. Authorities also inspected Ramirez’s hotel room and found many stolen mails from other cities throughout Santa Clara County and houses in Sunnyvale.

After the arrest of the first suspect, the BDD resumed their case investigations and discovered that four other people were part of the EDD benefits fraud ring. The department stated that the suspects steal personal identification and mail from victims residing throughout Santa Clara County. The suspects used their stolen profiles in submitting applications for EDD unemployment benefits.

Four out of five arrested suspects are under the Post Release Community Supervision (PRCS) or on active parole. The Sunnyvale Police Department also revealed the different items they have recovered from the suspects. Investigators retrieved a shotgun, a stolen motorcycle, two handguns, and assault rifle parts. Additionally, the police also discovered a device used to create fictitious credit cards, including stolen mail and personal identification, stolen computers, ammunition, and illegal narcotics.

Latest Updates on the EDD Fraud Investigations

As of late, the Sunnyvale Police Department of Public Safety continues to investigate the burglary case. The US Postal Inspection Service and the State of California EDD Task Force have also offered their assistance to inspect the fraud ring. 

Detectives also thought of the possibility that there are more suspects involved with the crime.

The Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety encourages anyone with information about the case to come forward and share what they know. Those who have additional knowledge about the burglary incident could reach out to the department via hotline or email. For mobile users, individuals should contact (408) 730-7712 and speak with Detective Barron Renzi. Meanwhile, email users can send a message at brenzi@sunnyvale.ca.gov. 

Anyone who shares additional information about the incident has the option to have their identities remain anonymous to the public.