San Diego Police Pursue Carjacked Vehicle, Resulting in Shootout

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San Diego police arrested a man on Monday on suspicion of crashing an SUV into a California Highway Patrol vehicle while he was being pursued across the Serra Messa neighborhood, injuring one officer and forcing two others to shoot.

The San Diego Police Department said officers encountered the suspect on Murray Ridge Road and Encino Avenue around midnight. The department was coordinating with the California Highway Patrol during the incident.

Carjacking and Highspeed Chase

A red Acura MDX sped and swerved through traffic lanes, prompting a two-officer California Highway Patrol unit to chase the vehicle on Interstate 805 near Murray Ridge Road. The CHP ordered the driver to pull over. However, when officers approached the suspect, he immediately fled. The officers were then notified that the vehicle was stolen from Escondido.

Officers chased the vehicle until a dead end on Encino Avenue, forcing the suspect to make a u-turn and ram his car onto the patrol unit’s vehicle. Both officers immediately drew their firearms and fired. The suspect pinned one officer before fleeing.

Later, police found the vehicle in the 2200 block of Royal Crescent Court, with the suspect nowhere to be seen. While the suspect was not at the scene, authorities detained a 17-year-old girl who was nearby. Police successfully arrested a 21-year-old man who was identified to be the driver of the vehicle. A third suspect is still on the loose, police said, but did not provide information of the individual’s description, CBS8 reported.

While shots were fired, no one was shot, said police. Authorities quickly transported one California Highway Patrol Officer who received minor injuries from the encounter. The San Diego Police Department will continue the investigation of the case with the help of the Escondido Police Department.

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