San Francisco crowned as ‘world’s best’ city for 2021

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San Francisco, famed for its red-toned bridge, the soaring tech industry, and acclaimed dining scene, has earned the “world’s best” city, Time Out said, as reported by CNN.

The list of best cities in the world was screened by an international media brand through its worldwide editors and through surveying some 27, 000 international city residents.

Included in the criteria to make up the list are the city’s nightlife, cultural attractions, dining establishments, and sense of community, especially amid the pandemic.

Also considered were the actions of the cities for the environment, activism commitment, as well as general friendliness.

San Francisco was hailed and declared to be the top city because of its “unbeatable combination of progressiveness, acceptance and sustainability,” Time Out said.

Moreover, the media brand also recognized the city’s pandemic response and the vaccination rates, which was among the highest across the country.

Residents of this city have made measures to support each other despite the pandemic-related lockdowns.

Time Out also recognized the effort of the city to spin to outdoor dining amid the health crisis. It noted that this has appeared to be like “one big outdoor party” in the city streets. Also, the green spaces of the city were noticed.

“This year’s list of the best cities in the world shines a spotlight on cities that adapted during a time where the key factors that make these metropolises the place to be — fun, culture and socializing — were largely off the table,” Time Out’s global editor in chief, Caroline McGinn, said in a statement.

“You’d think a pandemic might defeat the point of living in a city, but the results show that community spirit is higher than ever, people are supporting each other as well as local business and initiatives, and many of us are even having some fun.”