San Francisco Health Plan Provides Multi-Lingual Call Center to Assist With Vaccine Appointments

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The San Francisco Health Plan partnered with the San Francisco Health Network to provide residents with a multilingual call center that would assist in finding vaccination schedules using many forms of communication.

Vaccination Efforts

“Public health care delivery systems have played a vital role in the vaccine response for low-income, diverse communities. The state of California has relied upon high-technology methods of engaging the public to get vaccinated, potentially causing a barrier to access to care for lower-income communities,” Chief Medical Officer of SFHP, Fiona Donald, MD, said.

Fiona said the SFHP is able to provide support in removing the obstacles between vaccination and at-risk communities. They will provide alternative ways of accessing vaccines to give other residents a chance to get inoculated.

The SFHP aims to increase the health conditions of residents in diverse communities across San Francisco. They have recently collaborated with Tactical Telesolutions, Inc. (TTS), a Bay Area vendor, to set up a multi-lingual call center. The staff for the center was trained in under three weeks, PR News Wire reported.

“We have been gratified to do our part to assist the dedicated staff at the city’s vaccine sites and clinics with the vaccine effort. Our focus has been to provide appointment scheduling help to the vital In-Home Support Service workforce and vulnerable populations that may not have access to the internet’s appointment scheduling systems,” SFHP CEO John F. Grgurina, Jr. said.

Danielle Joyce Ong

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