San Francisco Live Music is Coming Back Amid State Reopening Plans, Here’s What to Look Out For

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San Francisco is bringing back live music after being closed for the last 15 months due to the coronavirus pandemic, bringing a renewed sense of relaxation to residents across the region.

On Tuesday, California officials are scheduled to fully reopen the region, allowing residents to go out without wearing masks. Authorities focused their lifting of bans on restaurants and bars and not music venues.

However, these venues, which have significant historical importance to San Francisco, are also scheduled to reopen. Residents in the area have been the center of cultural movements, such as the jazz era and psychedelic rock, in the country.

Many venue owners are still cautious despite the reopening and lifting of bans because of the ongoing threat of the COVID-19 virus. Having many people gather in one place is extremely dangerous and could lead to another outbreak.

Some venues revised their calendars and fixed their schedules. This means that anyone who wants to buy tickets to reopened live music events will have to check these available venues.

Makeout Room

Located at 3225 22nd St., Makeout Room allows people to make out with strangers who are also attending the event. The music is set to deliver funky music and is open starting June 15. Their calendar is filled with music from DJs spinning Funk 45’s, reggaeton and local legend DJ Primo.

Public Works

During the pandemic, restrictions and safety guidelines forced some to be creative, including Public Works, which began hosting outdoor events called “PW Parks.” They will begin accommodating music lovers starting June 18, bringing their dance floor back.

The Valencia Room

Equipped with two floors of hip hop and top 40 hits, The Valencia Room is bringing back Takeover Thursdays. Organizers will make sure to give attendees enough room to sweat themselves while having fun with other people.

Rickshaw Stop

Starting on June 25, Rickshaw Stop will offer limited seating, but only for fully vaccinated residents, in its first show. The venue’s event calendar suggests they are slowly reopening back to full operations they expect will be by August.

The Chapel

By the end of August, The Chapel will begin holding indoor performances, but until then, they will only operate for outdoor concerts. The venue is located in a renovated building which was previously a chapel.

Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

This is one of San Francisco’s largest auditoriums and was named after Bill Graham, the legendary music promoter. This venue is set to bring CHVRCHES back on December 16 for all music lovers.

The Fillmore

One of San Francisco’s most historic venues, The Fillmore has previously hosted many of the world’s top musical talents, including The Grateful Dead to Arcade Fire. the venue is located in the Western Addition and plans to operate again in September, bringing back Watsky, a local San Francisco rapper, to perform in mid-November for two nights.

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