San Francisco Man Arrested After Threatening Asian American Woman in Bakery

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San Francisco police arrested a man who threatened an Asian American woman multiple times at a bakery in the city, using a gun in one of the incidents, pretending to shoot the people inside the establishment.

On Tuesday, police arrested 45-year-old Darrell Hunter after the victim reported the crime to the police. Authorities found the suspect near the business in the Tenderloin neighborhood, Officer Adam Lobsinger said.

Asian American Hate

Hunter allegedly went inside the bakery and threatened to “shoot Chinese people” inside the bakery, the victim said on her report on Sunday. The suspect had gone into the establishment for the third day in a row and caused a scene. Lobsinger said it was the woman’s first time reporting the suspect due to the disruption he was causing.

The woman then called police on the same day to report that Hunter had mimicked the use of a gun inside the bakery. Authorities were not able to find the suspect when they arrived. However, police were able to locate Hunter nearby and arrested him.

Authorities recorded the incident amid a surge of brutal attacks and violence focused on the country’s Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. In California, several attacks have occurred, including where a suspect punched 75-year-old San Francisco resident Xiao Zhen Xie in the face, causing two black eyes.

New York City police also arrested a resident after he was caught on video kicking and stomping an Asian American woman this week.

Asian American parents are anxious to let their children leave the house in fear of the attacks targeting their loved ones. Asian American businesses are also worried about their establishments being attacked by robbers. Many members of the AAPI community are afraid of walking in the streets, the Associated Press reported.

San Francisco authorities placed Hunter in prison on suspicion of three counts of criminal threats, two counts of burglary, stalking, probation violation, and hate crime enhancements. The suspect was previously on probation for a vandalism case. In 2018, he went into a business four times within two weeks. He yelled racial slurs and even damaged one of the restaurant’s furniture.

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