San Francisco Man Saves Woman From Assault, Carjacking, Jumps on Rear of Vehicle

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Video footage showed a recent college graduate from San Francisco risk his life to protect a 75-year-old woman who was attacked and carjacked at a Safeway in the city’s Richmond District.

“I could barely sleep that night!” the man said, remaining anonymous. Surveillance cameras recorded the incident, which showed him walking out of the shop at around 5:00 p.m. and noticing something was not right.

Attempted Carjacking

“I’m walking across the parking lot, and I see this old woman being dragged across by her head, these girls are punching her and kicking and stomped on,” the man said.

The San Francisco Police Department later revealed that the victim was slowly walking back to her vehicle, a red Lexus, before suddenly being attacked by three women who stole her keys and purse. The suspects then tried to steal her car as the young man quickly jumped in to intervene, jumping on the back of the vehicle.

“Honestly, I’m still trying to find out why I did this one, but I just punched through the back window, and it was loud. It was loud enough and kind of scary enough to freak them out,” the man said.

Video footage showed how the suspects immediately got out of the stolen vehicle and got into a nearby car. After the criminals were gone, the man quickly approached and assisted the old woman.

One witness said the old woman declined to be transported and treated at a hospital. “She thanked me, and she said I don’t have to pay for her windshield, her back window, so that’s really nice,” the man said, ABC7 News reported.

The San Francisco Police Department was later able to arrest one of the women who was involved in the incident a few days after. During the encounter, the young man dropped his almond milk before jumping onto the back of the vehicle. He said he was glad to have been able to take it back, saying, “that stuff’s not cheap!”

“I think I would say, stay strong, the community has your back!” the man said, encouraging the old woman.

Danielle Joyce Ong

Danielle is a local journalist with a passion for exploring stories related to crime and politics. When Danielle isn't busy writing or reading, she is usually exploring the great outdoors and all the hiking trails in the Bay.

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