San Francisco Officials Announced Loosening of COVID-19 Restrictions Across The Region

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San Francisco officials announce the loosening of COVID-19 restrictions across the region as the city’s economy slowly begins to reopen starting this summer.

City and county officials announced an array of minor but meaningful revisions to the current health order. The new additions or changes allow businesses and residents to have more flexibility when conducting operations or going outdoors.

Loosening of Restrictions

The changes will be implemented starting on Thursday and standing bar tables and similar arrangements are now allowed, as opposed to the previous requirement of being seated before being served food. Establishments will only be required to enforce social distancing and capacity limits for groups of only up to eight people at a time.

Additionally, small restaurants such as sushi bars and other table-side food preparation will be allowed to operate without the need to maintain social distancing.

The new revisions also lift the ban on bars having to implement six feet of social distancing between different groups of people sitting and drinking at the bar counter. Customers will also be allowed to stand and drink around pool tables, arcade games, and other similar activities.

Social gatherings that are held indoors can now have attendees not wearing face masks when eating or drinking. However, county and city officials advised this is only a safer activity if everyone present has been fully vaccinated, ABC7 News reported.

For residents who want to watch outdoor events such as the Giants games will no longer be required to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test or vaccination card. They will only be asked to their vaccine ID if they wish to sit in the “fully-vaccinated sections” of the events that do not require social distancing.

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