San Francisco Revises Stay-At-Home Order to Support Residents Susceptible to Mental Health Issues

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The San Francisco Department of Public Health last week modified its new stay-at-home order that began on December 6 to allow residents to meet with one person that does not belong to their household.

Modification of stay-at-home order

Officials said the revision of the guidance allows two people from two different households to walk together, stay at the park, or play low-contact sports. However, authorities emphasized that everyone was still required to wear face masks and follow social distancing guidelines.

In a tweet, San Francisco District 6 Supervisor Matt Haney said, “This is a change.” The revisions to the order were allegedly made in consideration of the people’s mental health.

The department released a statement that said, “To balance the risk of negative impacts on mental health for those in complete isolation of others and the risk of transmission between two masked, distanced individuals who are outdoors.”

Additionally, Haney said he was glad the state changed the rules of the order to be beneficial for those susceptible to mental health issues. He said residents had the right to date safely despite the threat of the coronavirus pandemic, KRON4 reported.

Five Bay Area counties implemented California Governor Gavin Newsom’s new stay-at-home order earlier this month. The regulation forced stricter guidelines in an attempt to slow the spread of the COVID-19 infection and assist hospitals with dwindling capacities.

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