San Francisco Security Guard Sues Skateboarders After Suffering Long-Term Brain Damage

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A San Francisco guard is suing multiple people, including a skateboarder, Thrasher magazine, and building owners after suffering brain damage in a confrontation with a young man.

Officials said the victim, 57-year-old Dan Jansen, was severely injured on November 25, 2018, when he tried to stop skateboarders from performing stunts outside 555 California St. The confrontation led to violence, resulting in Jansen going into a week-long coma.

Long-Term Injuries

Medical professionals performed multiple surgeries on Jansen, the civil suit filed Monday in San Francisco’s Superior Court said. It also said the victim required “lifelong medical care and treatment” after the incident.

Authorities charged Jesse Vieira, one of the skateboarders, with crimes including assault with a deadly weapon. The suspect’s trial ended in 2018 with a mistrial when the jury was put in a deadlock.

Jansen and his wife named Vieira as the defendant in the case after the confrontation. The couple also named Thrasher magazine as promoted of GX1000 and the building owners of 555 California, which include the Trump Organization.

The victim said in the suit that Vieira and his fellow members from GX1000 practiced on the plaza outside of 555 California frequently. They called it “Black Rock” and used their time to instigate, provoke, engage in, and monetize physical altercations with security personnel.

Security guards called police on November 24, 2018, saying they had a confrontation with about ten to 15 skateboarders in the area. They said the altercation was getting out of control. When Jansen went to work the next day, he was unaware of the situation between the skateboarders and the guards, Mercury News reported.

Later in the day, Jansen confronted a group of seven skateboarders who were removing barriers he placed to stop them from practicing. Security cameras caught footage of the fight between the suspect and the victim. The video showed an individual pushing Jansen into the sidewalk, causing him to hit his head, which fractured his skull. The skateboarders fled the scene while Jansen lay unconscious.

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