San Francisco Storm Could Bring Precipitation, Snow Across The Region

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San Francisco residents can expect to see wet weather across the city as potential thunderstorms could come tomorrow and Wednesday, bringing lightning, hail, and snow.

San Francisco Storm

Meteorologist Mike Nicco said that today, northwest Sonoma County and Mendocino County had the highest chances of seeing thunderstorms. The rest of the Bay Area could then see the weather patterns tomorrow and Wednesday.

The North Bay will experience showers starting at noon today, while scattered showers carry precipitation throughout the day until the evening. Lake County residents can expect to see some snow. There is also a chance for showers overnight.

Forecasters advised residents to be careful tomorrow morning as roads could be slippery due to the rain. Precipitation could also come tomorrow morning. Mount Hamilton and Mount Diablo could also be covered in some snow. Going to Wednesday night, some light shower bringing a few inches of rain can be expected before the storm moves beyond the region.

The wet weather system could bring anywhere from a quarter to three-quarters of an inch of rain, with higher elevations seeing double that amount, ABC7 News reported.