San Francisco Woman Travels From Guatemala For COVID-19 Vaccine

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A San Francisco woman traveled several miles from Roseville into the city to get her coronavirus vaccine shot.

Others are scrambling to get on planes to go to areas with vaccination sites to receive their shots of the COVID-19 vaccine. On Thursday, San Francisco resident, Tracy Ebanks, said she would do whatever it took to get inoculated as soon as possible.

Finding COVID-19 Vaccines

Ebanks has a career that allows her to travel a lot. She said she also has a pre-existing health condition. However, she was not able to set a vaccine appointment near her hometown.

“Once I was eligible, I looked at all the testing centers, vaccine centers in San Francisco, and there just weren’t any so I started looking further and further,” Ebanks said.

The woman researched COVID-19 vaccination sites on the internet for several days. When she went on a business trip to Guatemala, she was finally able to book an appointment in Petaluma to get her coronavirus vaccine shot.

When she discovered she was able to get an appointment, she immediately cut her trip short to travel to San Francisco from Guatemala. Afterward, she drove for an hour and a half to get to Petaluma and got her first shot on Tuesday.

“I would have driven anywhere or flown from China or from anywhere else to get it,” Ebanks said. Many others across the Bay Area are going far and beyond to get appointments for COVID-19 vaccinations.

Ebanks said it was quite difficult to set a schedule but advised others to keep going at it. “You just have to be persistent but there are vaccines out there. You just must really do your homework,” she said, NBC Bay Area reported.

The San Francisco woman was able to reap the rewards of her efforts and is expected to receive her second dose at the end of the month. “I’m elated I couldn’t be happier. For me it meant everything it means everything for so many different reasons,” Ebanks said.

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