Santa Clara Pay-to-Play Gun Permit Misconduct Allegedly Cite Apple Executive’s Involvement

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Apple’s Head of Global Security Accused of Bribery Scheme Collaboration

On Monday, the Santa Clara district attorney’s office declared allegations against Apple’s head of global security for his association with a bribery scheme to access gun permits in exchange for political endowments. According to multiple prosecutors, 50-year-old Apple Chief of Security Thomas Moyer 

presumably corrupt several of Santa Clara County Sherriff’s Office members with iPads to ensure concealed-firearm vouchers in return.

According to court attorneys, Moyer wishes to exchange four-gun permits from the Sheriff’s Office by donating at least 200 iPads worth close to $70,000. Furthermore, the district attorney’s office mentioned that the deal got called off after the accused schemers found out about upcoming search warrants to seize gun licensing data. 

Moyers’ Allegation Responses and the AS Solution Manager Scandal

In response to the said accusations, Apple spokesman Josh Rosenstock replied via email that the company conducted thorough internal examinations on Moyer and found no wrongdoing. Apple’s reply to the matter indicates its denial of the allegations inflicted on its head of global security. Additionally, Moyer’s attorney Ed Swanson stated that Moyer is innocent of the crime and labeled the charges as “baseless” allegations.

In a statement released by Swanson, he mentioned that Moyer serves as collateral damage between the District Attorney and Santa Clara County Sheriff’s long, bitter, and public disagreement.

The district attorney’s two-year investigation of the Sheriff’s Office’s accused bribery scheme marks Moyers as not the first businessman to get dragged in the dispute. After public records showed that an AS Solution manager obtained a gun certification in exchange for contributing $45,000 to Smith’s re-election campaign in 2018, the district attorney’s office commenced an investigation on the matter.

Last year, the Silicon Valley private security firm AS Solution expressed to The Chronicle that the company participated with the prosecutors’ inspection on the bribery scheme. As of late, the previously mentioned security corporation offered executive protection to other Silicon Valley CEOs, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and Google Executives.

The Two Lieutenants’ Involvement in the Pay-to-Play Scheme

A two-year inspection directed by the district attorney led to Moyer’s indictment on the case. According to the litigation’s official records, prosecutors suspect Sherriff Laurie Smith of obtaining campaign donations and bribes by exchanging coveted gun permits in 2018. A year ago, investigators raided the sheriff’s San Jose main office. According to the raid results, examiners managed to retrieve evidence of an alleged pay-to-play scheme. The previously mentioned plan helped arrest Undersheriff Rick Sung and Captain James Jensen, two of Smith’s deputies. 

The probe also indicted Sung and Jensen’s participation in the scheme. According to district spokesman Sean Webby, during Smith’s 2018 re-election movement, the two lieutenants allegedly used concealed-weapon permits as exchange gifts for material contributions in the Sheriff’s Office. The bribes added to Smith’s campaign consisting of political donations that amount to thousands of dollars.

Earlier this year, a grand jury indicted Jensen for his collaboration in the pay-to-play scheme. Prosecutors claimed that he helped Sung in retaining concealed-weapon licenses. The previously mentioned permits are difficult to obtain as they require the Sheriff’s Office’s permission and administration.

Current Updates on Moyer’s and Sung’s Charges

On Thursday, Sung’s and Moyer’s allegations got filed in court. The litigations got their bases from 32 witnesses. The number of observers hinted at a broader scheme to increase the political budget in preparation for the next election. Meanwhile, Apple confirmed Moyer’s leave from the company on his own accord.

In 2018, 14-year-old Apple employee Thomas Moyer got promoted to the top security post. According to his lawyer, Moyer is in charge of safeguarding confidential new prototypes and products and supervising the corporation’s shop and corporate security.

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