Santa Rosa residents alarmed with reckless sideshow get disappointing response from police

3 mins read

The problem of dangerous sideshows continues to spread across the Bay Area – the latest being in Santa Rosa overnight, causing alarm in the neighborhood.

While there are measures to eliminate the reckless activities, several residents claim that they were given a similar response when they report it to the law enforcers.

Motorists just after midnight were left without a choice but to take West College Avenue and Putney Drive in Santa Rosa because of the sideshow.

“Many of the cars, as they did that, were fish tailing. So, that they came very, very close to the crowd of people,” one of the residents said. “The cars could not really be controlled, and I thought there was great potential for a disaster.”

People who witnessed the reckless show said they even saw some participants flying out of the whirling cars.

“It happens often,” according to Michelle Higgs. “At least once or twice a week.”

The sideshow happened for up to a couple of hours, Higgs and other neighbors said. According to her, these activities have been taking place for a year in the residential community.

Higgs was among the many residents who notified the police of the sideshow this time. But she said she got an unsatisfactory reply. There were also some officers who kept themselves away.

“I didn’t understand why they didn’t come right out,” she said.

The sideshow was attended by at least 70 people, according to some neighbors, as reported by KRON4.

The media outlet tried to contact the police for their side but they did not give an immediate response.

“When you see people hanging out of windows and there’s just bystanders that are getting hit, and somebody can get killed at these events. I mean, there’s people that take out guns and start shooting and stuff. And, its always pushing the envelope to see what they can do to make the crowd excited.”

“There was nearly — could have been a death. When I pointed that out to the lady at the police department, she said, ‘well, if something happens, we’ll send out an officer to help, but we’re not sending out anyone before the accident happens.’ I could not believe that attitude. That shocked me.”