Search Investigations for Missing Sydney West Continues, San Francisco Police Confirms

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On September 30, 19-year-old Sydney West went missing after she left their family residence in Chapel Hill, San Francisco, California. The San Francisco police department continues their search operation to find the lost seen, who made her last appearance on September 30 by the Golden Gate Bridge at 7:00 a.m.

According to her family members, classmates, and friends, Sydney attends US Berkeley as a first-year student. She spent her childhood days growing up in Pleasanton and previously joined Foothill High School’s varsity team, where she earned the title of the star volleyball player in her former high school.

West’s father, Jay West, revealed to KRON4 his last conversation with her before her disappearance. On the night of September 29, the two shared a long father-daughter talk in their Chapel Hill home.

“I talked to her on September 29,” Jay said. “We talked for a long time. I fully expected to talk to her the next day. And I expect to talk to her again,” he added.

Based on her parents’ and sisters’ accounts, West left their house on September 30, wearing a hoodie sweatshirt, black leggings, and a backpack. Additionally, eyewitnesses sighted her by the Golden Gate Bridge at 7:00 a.m. on the same day. Her whereabouts after that remained hidden.

Three weeks after West’s disappearance, the Pleasanton community organized a socially distanced candlelight vigil to spread the news and help find West on Thursday evening. The watch took place at Lions Wayside Park near downtown Pleasanton.

Family relatives, close friends, and concerned residents came together to reminisce about the good memories they shared with West and formed a pact to #FindSydneyWest as soon as possible.

“Sydney’s an incredibly creative, highly intelligent, beautiful young woman, and she’s expressive through her art and her music,” revealed Jay. “I think that’s what made her special, that’s what makes her noticeable,” he added.

West’s father Jay led the vigil, hoping for his daughter’s safe and unharmed return to the family.

“We want you with us more than anything in this world,” Jay stated, adding, “We are holding out hope that you are okay and that you are coming home.”

On Thursday evening, the vigil gathered nearly 100 people who participated in the event. Those who went responsibly followed social distancing protocols by wearing face coverings. The occasion included participants sharing stories and listening to Syd West’s song recordings.

West’s family felt deeply grateful for the overwhelming support they received to find Sydney safe and sound again. 

“So many of the people here are incredibly supportive, putting up flyers around town and posting on social media,” expressed West’s father. “I remember so many stories over the past two and a half weeks of reclaimed missing people. They got found through flyers posted on a bus. Stories that warm our hearts and give us hope that we are going to bring her home.”

As of late, there were no recent updates on Sydney’s appearances. Despite this news, her family remains optimistic that she would be found once again and brought home. Additionally, the family hired a private investigator to assist the San Francisco Police department in their search for West.

Sydney West is a white 19-year-old girl standing at 5-foot-ten-inches tall and weighing around 130-135 pounds. Her physical features include light-brown hair tied in a bun and blue eyes. The last pieces of clothing she wore on the day she went missing consist of her favorite old dark and black slip-on Vans, black leggings, and a teal hoodie. She also reportedly carries a black backpack and may or may not be wearing prescribed eyeglasses.

Should anyone had information on Sydney’s most recent whereabouts can reach SFPD through their hotline 415-575-4444.