Security personnel spoils retail theft in Macy’s Store in San Jose; interfering woman arrested

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A 43-year-old bystander was arrested by the police after she allegedly interfered with an apprehension that gave a smash-and-grab suspect evade arrest at a Macy’s store, Oakridge Mall in San Jose last Saturday night, KPIX reported.

Morgan Hill resident Abeer Hamed was suspected to have interfered while an officer from the police department assisted store workers in arresting a retail theft suspect that targeted the business establishment shortly after 6 in the evening.

Abeer Hamed (San Jose Police Dept Photo)

The mall reported the case to the police and when officers reached the area, they saw two security officers trying to arrest a suspect.

A store officer has already suffered an assault from the group. Her hair was pulled and she was knocked to the ground. This made the police conclude that instead of retail theft, the case is considered as a violent smash-and-grab.

Police said that Hamed is obviously out from the crime, but she came near a police officer and store worker who were arresting the suspect.

Police furthered that she was told not to interfere but she did not listen. A police officer tried to arrest her but she swung her arm in protest.

The robbery suspect managed to escape while Hamed’s interference happened.

A San Jose Macy’s employee was injured in a violent smash-and-grab robbery Saturday, Dec. 18, 2021

The suspect has not been located and he was believed to have robbed over $1,000 worth of items.

Meanwhile, a store employee suffered from minor to moderate wounds and was put under paramedics’ care.

The interfering woman was booked into Santa Clara County Jail. She faces several charges involving resistance to arrest by delaying an officer in fulfilling his duties, assault on police officers, as well as helping in the escape of an individual in the lawful custody of an officer.

Police are calling anyone with details of the theft and assault suspects to come forward. Anonymous reports are welcome by using the P3TIPS mobile app or calling the tip line at (408) 947-STOP. It can also be accommodated at http://www.svcrimestoppers.org.