Senior hit with a glass bottle while using ATM in San Francisco

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An elderly from San Francisco was attacked with a glass bottle while using an automated teller machine (ATM) at the Union Bank in Laurel Village on Monday.

Identified only by his first name Marc, the 84-year-old was reported by ABC7 to have heard someone yell at him: “Give me money! Give me your money! Give me money!”

The victim then signals to the black bag on his waist to remain safe and shows how he moved to get money for the man. But the man attacked him with a glass bottle twice even before he could reach for some cash.

ABC7 has secured a photo showing a shattered green Pellegrino bottle on the ground, as shared by a witness.

The victim’s child, Ana, said: “deep inside, even though my heart is heavy, there are angels on Earth, including the officer and passerby who came to my dad’s rescue.”

“They called paramedics and made sure my dad was OK,” she added.

Marc suffered bruises and swelling on his face.

Fortunately, he is safe from any major injury on his head and shoulder but Ana said doctors believe that his father has damaged his sinus bones from the incident.

ABC7 visited the victim a day following the attack. Marc recognized the people who helped him on the location of the attack, as well as his family who showed their love while he went through the challenges.

“All those people, persons, good people. They don’t leave me until I leave to the hospital… I’m blessed. I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart on behalf of my family. I wish I know you every one of you,” he said.

On Tuesday, the ATM back where the attack happened was already guarded by security personnel.

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