Several CA high schools cleared after false reports of active shooters

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Several California high schools have been cleared after false reports of active shooters. The schools were in Lancaster, Santa Barbara, Fresno, and Chula Vista. 

Lancaster High School

A tweet from the City of Lancaster said that the Lancaster High School had been cleared after reports of an active shooter. 

“There were no victims or evidence of a shooting,” the city tweeted. “But the school was evacuated as a precaution. The Sheriff’s department is working with the school to stagger release of students at Central Christian Church.”

Bullard High School in Fresno

Within an hour, the Fresno Police Department also received a similar report at Bullard High School. It turned out to be a hoax. 

“We DO NOT have an active shooter,” and “NO ONE is hurt at Bullard High School or any other school in Fresno,” tweeted Fresno Police. “This was hoax call and there is no danger.”

Bishop Diego High School in Santa Barbara

The Santa Barbara police also received a false report of an active shooter at Bishop Diego High School in Santa Barbara. 


Mater Dei High School in Chula Vista 

The Mater Dei High School and Veterans Elementary School in Chula Vista were locked down due to a single report of an active shooter at Mater Dei. There was no threat to the elementary school, but it was still locked down due to its close proximity to Mater Dei. 

Both campuses were cleared and it was determined that “the threat was NOT credible,” according to subsequent tweets from Chula Vista PD.

It is not known if the incidents were related in any way.