Several homes raged as Dixie Fire, largest wildfire in CA, merged with Fly Fire

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FireCalifornia’s Dixie Fire has exceeded a week of burning in far-flung forestland located 230 miles northeast of San Francisco. The blaze on Saturday has joined with the smaller Fly Fire, invading communities and damaging several homes.

So far, the largest wildfire in the state this year had already erupted over multiple residences and buildings when it devoured the Indian Falls after dark. Multiple lives were saved as the fire reached structures in the Plumas County neighborhood located about 13 miles north of Quincy.

“Devastating,” a Twitter user said in a comment on a video showing a burning home. 

While the updated estimate on damage was not readily provided, the U.S. Forest Service on Sunday said the fire has wrecked 190, 625 acres or 297 square miles, measuring six-folds larger than San Francisco’s size.

The Cal Fire data said it was the 16th largest fire to have ever occurred in California.

According to fire officials, it has been hard to deploy firefighting efforts as the fire engulfed steep, rugged terrain with restricted access. Evacuation orders were issued in multiple small communities and along Lake Almanor’s west shore.

On Thursday, the Fly Fire started in Plumas County in Butterfly Valley and close to the highways 89 and 70 junctions. It damaged 4, 300 acres and joined with the Dixie Fire, SFGate reported.

“These two fires have come together tonight,” fire behavior analyst with Cal Fire Dennis Burns, said. “We have crews actively engaged in structure protection down into some of the communities along Highway 70 and in Butterfly Valley.”

“This fire is pulling itself over into Taylorsville. It went over the top of Mount Hough this afternoon. We’re seeing long-range spotting. The fire has also come down to Highway 89… to Indian Falls,” Burns said.