SF Bay Area forecasted to experience ‘weak’ storms this week

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Rain’s arrival continues.

The San Francisco Bay Area was forecasted to experience the second weak storm of the week on Wednesday. A separate system is also expected to deliver light shows over the North Bay on Thursday night into Friday, SFGATE reported.

Dry conditions are set to be experienced through the weekend, but the break from the rain will not last long. According to long-term weather models, drenching rain will enter Monday into Tuesday as a weak atmospheric river will arrive in the region.

The drought-hit San Francisco Bay Area can consider this as good news. The rainy season this 2021 has started last Oct. 1 and has a promising effect on the rainfall level of the region, which reached above-average for the month.

“We’ll take it,” Bay Area weather service’s meteorologist Drew Peterson said. “California is a feast or famine state. We do tend to oscillate back and forth. We’re often way below or way over, and it’s hard to get that average precipitation.”

On Wednesday morning, a thick fog covered the San Francisco Bay Area and caused disruptions to driving conditions all over the region. A dense fog advisory was already issued by the weather service early this morning for San Francisco, the San Francisco Peninsula Coast, as well as the North Bay. It cautioned of visibility of quarter-mile or below on roads.

“Use your low beams and maintain a safe following distance,” part of the advisory said, as the clear from the fog is expected to be reached after 9:00 a.m.

The North Bay is forecasted to be hit by a cold front from the north between 8 to 10 in the evening. Around midnight, it will push through the central Bay Area.

The system, according to Peterson, is weak.

These are the rainfalls in different locations, as projected by the weather service:

  • coastal Sonoma County: 0.5 to 1.5 inches
  • across the San Francisco Peninsula and into the Santa Cruz Mountains: up to 0.25 inch
  • Sonoma Valley: up to 0.5 inch
  • South Bay, East Bay and along the Central Coast – 0.1 inch