SF Police Arrest Walgreens Serial Shoplifter

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Authorities in San Francisco on Saturday arrested a shoplifter who was recorded stealing from multiple locations across the city. 

Jean Lugo-Romero was arrested around 8:30 a.m. after police officers saw him entering a drug store on Haight Street. Officers from the police department said the 40-year-old attempted to clear shelves of cosmetics and placed the stolen items worth a total of $978 into a duffel bag he brought with him. 

“Officers had been looking for Lugo-Romero in connection with numerous investigations,” a spokesperson for the San Francisco Police Department told Fox News. “Lugo-Romero was suspected of committing thefts from merchants in the Northern and Mission Districts and was recently caught on camera during a brazen shoplifting incident during which he placed merchandise into a bag and rode a bicycle out of the store.” 

Walgreens Shoplifting Incident

Police officers later linked Lugo-Romero to six other shoplifting incidents that occured from May 29 through June 17. Five theft incidents occurred at the same Walgreens location on 300 Gough Street. 

In a viral video posted last week, Lugo-Romero was shown riding a bike through the Walgreens location while hauling stolen goods. 

Officers charged the 40-year-old with attempted grand theft, entering a business with the intent to commit theft, loss under $950, possession of narcotics paraphernalia, robbery, burglary and petty theft, according to Fox News