SF’s Folsom Street Fair welcomes crowds after a year’s physical absence

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Following a pandemic-affected event last year, several people were spotted Sunday as they prepared their leather harnesses and thongs, as well as their COVID-19 vaccination proof as to the San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair reopened.

The event appeared like a reunion following the absence of physical celebration last year amid the pandemic.

Among this year’s attendees is Katrina Black of Chicago. She went all the way to San Francisco and showcased his black thong and latex corset matched with a black mask as she entered the fair.

“After being in quarantine for so long, I missed the kink community so much,” she said. “It’s the best holiday of the year.”

Her friend, Alexandra Sadista, on the other hand, sported a black, 8-inch heels during the event. She said businesses have moved online due to the pandemic and it took time for the normalcy to be regained. Sadista’s dominatrix businesses did not completely welcome back clients until summer although she began seeing her clients throughout the year.

One must first show his or her proof of vaccination before accessing the fair. As usual, flooding the event were booths filled with whips, harnesses, as well as sex toys. But unlike the past years, people were offered free testing and vaccination before the fair’s entrance.

The majority of the fairgoers wore masks – even exceeding the ordinary with one seen wearing one over his penis.

Another attention-grabber, Nicole Rems, covering her nipples with black tape and wearing a black mesh shirt and thong, has curled and slid around a pole. “There are no nerves anymore,” Rems, a pole dance teacher, said, as she referred to her thighs following the performance, San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Another fairgoer, Miss Mia Mai was seen holding a leash tied to her naked partner, Globe Master, as they passed through the crowd. The two are from Dallas and came to San Francisco for the fair.