Should More Republicans Be Speaking Out For Trump?

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Stanley Attacks Republican Politicians for Not Speaking Against Trump’s Allegations

Recently, KISS frontman Paul Stanley called out Republican Senators for keeping silent on Trump’s voter fraud allegations. According to Stanley, President-elect Joe Biden’s win for the White House did not account for illegal votes during this year’s presidential elections. He expressed his sentiment in public via his official Twitter account.

In his tweet, Stanley declared that the GOP senators who kept their mouths shut on the topic regarding Trump’s accusations against Biden are cowardly and ridiculous. He also added that these politicians were the same people who dismissed Biden from his 2016 preliminaries and were now bowing down before him after he won against Trump. Furthermore, Stanley expressed that their stance in the situation puts more mistrust in his beloved country.

Moreover, Stanley slammed the Republican senators in question for failing to counter Trump’s unfounded accusations of voter fraud during the 2020 elections and not publicly acknowledging Biden’s victory as the United States’ newest president.

The previously mentioned news was not the first time that Stanley attacked Trump and his Republican confederates. On August 28 of this year, Stanley called out Trump for declaring that rigged votes are the only means to lose the upcoming elections in November. Much like his latest tweet, Stanley also posted this writing on Twitter.

Stanley started his statement by saying that declaring yourself to only lose through vote fraudulency is rude and uncalled for regardless of who people would give their political support, publicly referring to Trump. 

Moreover, Stanley added that Trump’s statement is a massive insult to those candidates who ran for the elections, free and safe from any form of cheating. He also said that the declaration made it look like anyone who doesn’t share Trump’s views is an enemy of his, depriving people’s rights to have their opinions and options to choose which political candidates to support.

Trump’s Re-election Plans and Reactions to the 2020 Election Results

Earlier this year, Trump announced his intent to run for his third term provided that he gets re-elected for the position. According to Trump, his reasons for his election plans is to prove that spies tried to hijack his 2016 campaigns, in which the FBI investigated and found no concrete proof to support his claim.

Throughout the campaign months, Trump has cautioned Republican voters numerous times to keep an eye on voter fraudulency in the actual elections. Moreover, he also baselessly accused that fraudulency is most likely going to happen through mail-voting. However, experts countered Trump’s accusation, assuring the public of mail voting’s high security.

According to one of Trump’s tweets after the elections, the challenges Biden has to prove that his obtained 80 million votes were not the results of tampered ballots or fraudulency. Trump mentioned states like Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta, and Philadelphia as few out of many districts victimized by illegal voting. Twitter swiftly responded to the situation by flagging Trump’s tweet down, explaining that the voter fraud allegations written in the post sit unproven.

Biden’s Win for Presidency and Trump Campaign’s Lawsuit Updates

In the history of the U.S.’s candidacy elections, Biden was the first president to surpass the 80-million vote threshold in one election, beating Trump to the presidency position. Meanwhile, Trump obtained a total of 73 million votes, claiming the second spot behind Biden’s successful election win.

Recently, Trump and other Republicans filed an overall lawsuit count of 40 concerning the obtained results from this year’s elections. Additionally, none of Trump’s attorneys have revealed concrete evidence that voter fraud occurred from November 3’s event. Ultimately, that caused courts to withdraw, settle, dismiss, or deny the majority of the fraudulency charges.

In an interview with Fox News on Sunday morning, Trump baselessly accused both the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice of stealing the election wins from him by not doing their job of investigating his voter allegation claims. During his conversation with host Maria Bartiromo, Trump expressed his disbelief of people letting the “total fraud’ happen during the elections.

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