“Snake burglar” who targeted SoCal hair salon wanted

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Surveillance footage from a hair salon caught a suspect, dubbed as the “snake burglar”, who fled with thousands of dollars and is now being searched by the Riverside Police Department, ABC7 reported.

The Riverside Police received a report on the incident last Nov. 26 at around 5 in the morning when the owner came to the salon and found something suspicious caught by the security camera.

The suspect was captured through the security footage while he crawled on all fours to avoid the motion sensors in the establishment. He is wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt and a hat.

He took a total of $8,000 cash from the safe as well as salon items worth hundreds of dollars.

‘Snake burglar’ caught on camera slithering through Riverside salon to bypass alarm system and escapes with thousands of dollars

According to the police, the “snake burglar” is believed to also be behind four of the same burglaries in the neighborhood.

A veterinary clinic in the same area was also targeted by the suspect recently. He also crawled on the floor to bypass the motion sensors.

The suspect then triggered the alarm after a few minutes but managed to escape before police officers arrived in the area.

The same suspect also broke into a couple of local business establishments earlier that week. In one pizzeria, the “snake burglar” was caught on camera while he also slithers on the floor.

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