SnowGlobe music fest no more: Lake Tahoe cancels New Year’s eve event’s contract forever

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In South Lake Tahoe, the famed SnowGlobe Music Festival is celebrated matching the chilly winter air on New Year’s Eve. The electronic music festival is “literally and figuratively the chillest festival ever,” as promoters put it across social media.

But locals in Tahoe would not agree. In fact, they will soon dump the festivity.

The contract with SnowGlobe Music Festival was trashed by the Lake Tahoe City Council who voted for it to end on Tuesday.

Usually, the festival is celebrated yearly from December 29 to 31 on Lake Tahoe Community College campus. While it is located away from several huge festivals and outdoor music concerts in the city’s center and casinos, it is placed near residential neighborhoods. It is not new, therefore, that locals would come forward to complain against SnowGlobe.

When the festival started in 2011, complaints regarding improper waste disposal, unreasonable decibels and awful tipping from the Millenials were filed by locals.

In 2018, the Center for Environment Health filed a suit against the festival as it left massive benzene levels in the air. This, as the festival needed enormous equipment like generators, buses and trucks that demand a tremendous amount of diesel.

The Viacom-owned SnowGlobe signed another contract for five years with the city of Lake Tahoe in 2019, but with some changes. The festival has to move from the campus grounds to another location that is fit for the musical festival.

Last year, the festival was not pushed through due to the health crisis.

Festival officials are given until June 18 this year to notify the city council of alternative sites for the festival. They brought up six varied locations, the Tahoe Daily Tribune reported, including a high school, a couple of golf courses, Camp Richardson, and casino parking lots.

The city council has not approved any of the options and the festival, therefore, was in breach of contract, SFGate reported.

Event organizers did not stand their ground with city council members, giving way to an unhesitating unanimous decision to cancel SnowGlobe.