Social media companies to go against Texas’ new censorship law

2 mins read

Google’s YouTube and social media companies Facebook and Twitter are opposing a new law in Texas abolishing companies suspected to repress ex-US President Donald Trump and conservative speech.

Republican Gov. Greg Abbot signed the bill on Thursday.

“There is a dangerous movement by some social media companies to silence conservative ideas and values,” the governor told a press conference. “This is wrong and we will not allow it in Texas.”

Any resident in Texas is permitted by the new law to sue social media companies banning them from expressing their political views.

It also allows the state attorney general to represent the banned user or users in filing lawsuits.

Texas became the second state to push the law following Florida which was hindered by a federal judge in June.

Technology industry representatives are committed to blocking the law like what happened to the one in Florida. They cited its unconstitutionality and First Amendment loopholes.

“The same outcome will almost certainly occur in Texas,” according to Steve DelBianco, NetChoice’s president.

“Moderation of user posts is crucial to keeping the internet safe for Texas families, but this bill would put the Texas government in charge of content policies,” he said.

Meanwhile, the new law supporters have lauded its passage.

“Texas’ new law, House Bill 20, is a paramount move taken by Lone Star legislators to protect the free speech rights of their constituents,” state government relations manager for conservative think tank The Heartland Institute, Samantha Fillmore, said, USA TODAY reported.

“There is no question that big tech is integral to free speech in today’s day and age,” she said. “Because of this, Big Tech can no longer unilaterally decide who can say what without being held accountable.”