Tiger Woods almost aced the 16th at Augusta.

Tiger Woods almost aced the 16th at Augusta.
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The 16th hole is always the one to watch at Augusta. This year, it’s already given us some gems.

The 16th is a 170-yard par 3 over water and, in a normal year, a patron favorite for viewing.

A few days ago, Jon Rahm skipped a ball ACROSS THE DAMN WATER for a miraculous hole in one. Unfortunately, this happened during a practice round while he was hitting different types of shots and testing the … waters … sorry I had to do it.

We knew we wouldn’t see that golf shot again in the actual tournament, but a few golfers got close to an ace today (via the air).

2019 Masters Champion, Tiger Woods, was the first.

You can see his shot below.

Tiger’s ball rolled back to within inches of the hole to tap it in for birdie.

So besides an ace, a foot from the cup is the best one can do on 16, right? Wrong.

Meet Dylan Frittelli. He’s No. 100 in the world golf rankings and he one upped the GOAT on 16 this afternoon.

Before we talk about this insane shot, notice how only a golf commentator can transition from child birth to “this is the ball from Dylan Frittelli” with ease and without taking a moment to pause. Luke Elvy probably could’ve kept talking about Frittelli’s family and I wouldn’t have noticed.

But the commentator, Ned Michaels, couldn’t keep his composure together at the end of this clip. “Don’t,” he injected “don’t you, stop!”


Frittelli’s shot was unbelievable. So I guess it makes sense that some have to struggle to find the words to describe it. He hit that ball so close that a breeze could push it in.

Frittelli is 4-under through 9 but had to end his day early as darkness crept in, (rain delayed the start of the tournament). Tiger finished with a 4-under 68, tying his best first round at the Masters. It was also Tiger’s first bogey-free round at a major since 2009 PGA Championship (106 rounds).

We won’t see another Rahm shot on 16. And Frittelli and Tiger may not have the same luck avoiding the water in Rounds 2 through 4. But if there’s ever a hole to watch for at Augusta, 16 is it.

Almost hole-in-ones on 16 is still a tradition unlike you know what.

Dustin Foote – deadspin.com

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