Sony to release Airpeak drone

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Sony ventures into the drone industry, with the company releasing it’s first peek at the new Airpeak drone. 

The Airpeak is said to be the smallest drone who has the capability to carry an Alpha camera. It was designed for video creation and professional photography. 

No concrete details have been released just yet but Sony did disclose that they were using the new drone to film landscape and city shots. It shows the Airpeak working as a chase camera for the Vision-S concept car footage from last CES. The model highlighted at CES 2021 is a quadcopter design and features two landing gear extensions that retract upward during flight. 

Even though Sony is a rookie in the drone industry, its cameras are among the best. The idea that Sony will incorporate its forte into the popular and ever-rising drone industry is something that most of us should be excited about. 

Sony had originally announced Airpeak in late 2020 and is planned to be released in spring 2021.