Spectators look up as San Francisco’s Fleet Week Air Show returns

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The Bay Area has witnessed the comeback of the Fleet Week Air Show and the Navy Blue Angels this weekend after its cancellation last year because of the health crisis.

Businesses on the waterfront said the economy is now looking up, literally, as people gathered in San Francisco.

The Navy Blue Angels, the champion of the show that needs no introduction this year, took over San Francisco, amusing audiences around.

“Look up, they’re pretty awesome, ever since I was a kid watching them from the playground, it’s great to see them back,” exclaimed one of the spectators, San Franciscan Lamar Fuller, who occupies a seat on the front row at Aquarium of the Bay’s watch party.

The show was opened by stunt planes and the parachute team of the Navy while the Bay was amazed by a United Airlines 777 jumbo jet.

“Oh my goodness, my heart is beating for San Francisco now,” said Mario Gonzalez, who was among the crowd witnessing the show. Gonzalez has visited San Francisco from Montreal, Quebec. 

Apart from the performances up high, the people below are another aspect worth noticing. San Francisco has welcomed thousands of people this weekend.

“It makes me a little nervous with the amount of people here but past that, I’m sure a lot of people are vaccinated it’s nice to see everyone out and about,” according to Nico Dennis from San Francisco.

Video Credits to kevinsyoza

It was also a big weekend for Bay cruise businesses, as no air show and cruise happened last year, ABC7 reported.

“It’s exciting, we’re recovering from the pandemic, back in business and back on the water,” Brian Stiles, a crew from Hornblower’s San Francisco Belle, said. Hornblower has sold out a thousand tickers for the watch party and lunch.