Startled by a stranger opening her car door, woman speeds off Santa Cruz cliff

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Spooked by a stranger opening the car door, a woman drove at high speed and fell into a cliff in Santa Cruz on Thursday.

She suffered from minor injuries following the accident.

The woman was inside her car parked at the Lighthouse Point lot extending into Monterey Bay.

According to the police, a stranger thought they owned the car and walked into the passenger’s side to open it.

The police said the driver was startled and sped off the cliff. Rescue teams were fortunately quick to respond and retrieved the woman who miraculously suffered from only minor injuries in her foot, SFGate reported.

“This incident was truly an accident,” the police stated in a Twitter post.  “The person who opened the door thought they were entering the passenger seat to their car which was a similar model and color. The cars were parked next to each other. It was dark and the individual does not see well at night.”

No other injured persons were reported.