Still missing: Police covered 100% of the possible locations but failed to find runner Philip Kreycik

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The hope to find the missing runner Philip Kreycik is fading.

Police said that they already conducted searches in every possible area in Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park where the 37-year-old runner could be, as 22 long days have passed.

“We pretty much 100% covered where he could’ve been, should’ve been or would likely show up,” said Pleasanton Police Lt. Chris Niederhaus. The police officer spoke in a press conference where volunteer search teams were gathered on Saturday afternoon at a local high school. 

The update followed the resumption of the Pleasanton Police Department’s search for Kreycik on Friday.

Police crews from 17 Bay Area agencies have joined together to search the park trails and canyons. Different search teams composed of volunteers and officials used GPS data to see to it that every area was checked twice. The area around Tejan Creek was included in the locations searched because of a new theory.

According to local runners, it is not unlikely for people to discard their hike, probably because of extreme heat, to pass through the thick bush and steep way for a shortcut towards their cars.

“This is another theory that maybe he went in a different direction,” according to Niederhaus. “It’s not out of the realm of possibility.”

The search was done but to no avail.

The runner disappeared on a run at Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park last July 10. He informed his wife that he is going for an hour-long run and left his car at around 11:00 a.m. near the Moller Ranch staging area.

His wife reported that he was missing when he failed to come home in the afternoon. Police said his car, as well as his wallet and cell phone inside, remained intact.

Around the park, several missing posters were placed as the volunteer search has already reached the nearby cities of Dublin, Fremont and Castro Valley. This weekend, no leads were reported by the police and they appealed for the public to help, SFGate reported.

Kreycik’s family is clinging to some hope as the search is not in its fourth week.

“We’re hopeful,” Keith Kreycik, his father, told ABC7. “We’re still hopeful that things are going to turn around.”