Store owner airs security concerns after falling victim to brazen theft

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A store owner in San Francisco expresses worry about the rise of theft as the holiday shopping season is just around the corner.

Over the weekend, one of her stores became the target of a shameless shoplifter. This makes the businesswoman unconvinced that the recent strategies of the city to become more friendly – or “Safer San Francisco – can do any good.

Co-owner Christina said that a brazen male thief came into the clothing store Isalis, located on Fillmore Street, on a hectic Saturday afternoon. He started getting clothes piled on the store shelves.

The incident was already reported to the police. According to Christina, they are just waiting for the progress of the case from the San Francisco Police Department.

But the recent brazen theft was not the first time for Isalis as Christina said its location at Union Street also fell victim to a thief – a young woman – over the summer.

Security does not top the concerns of business owners these days, Fillmore Merchants Association executive director and small business advocate Van Kiniris.

He said that Fillmore Street was not even on the list released by the city on a program that will boost the sense of safety in some neighborhoods across San Francisco, as unveiled by Mayor London Breed on Tuesday. Christina was also not convinced that it would help address the concern.

She said they are now considering getting private security to man their stores but expressed concerns on the costs, KRON4 reported.

She added that the smaller businesses are doubtful of the city’s measures for their protection as large stores like Safeway, Walgreens, and Target across San Francisco are even adjusting their opening hours due to shoplifting concerns.