Stormy Weather to Bring Rainy Season to San Francisco Over The Weekend

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The Bay Area has experienced rainy weather on Sunday, and more storms are expected to arrive near the end of the week, giving hopes for an end to the series of catastrophic wildfires in the region.

The Marina district of the city saw a quick burst of rain on Sunday afternoon while hail dropped onto Marin County. On the other hand, Lafayette heard a brisk thunder as Mount Hamilton and Lake Tahoe were powdered with snow.

National Weather Service meteorologist Rick Canepa expects the Bay Area to remain relatively dry throughout the week, experiencing high-speed winds and low temperatures. However, the North Bay would see rain that could spread on Friday across the entire region.

Canepa added that dry air traveled north, past the Bay Area, but noted that evaporation and powerful winds had restricted scattered showers. The meteorologist said the most significant downpour came with snow over coastal waters and within the Sierra Nevada region.

Temperatures in the Bay Area have dropped due to 10 inches of snow and weather conditions at higher elevations. San Francisco has experienced some of the coldest temperatures for their respective dates. A high of 54 degrees, which is 11 degrees below the average, was observed on Sunday.

Weekend temperatures became higher than usual due to overnight winds, said Canepa. He added the region would experience temperatures in the 40s range on Monday due to clear weather and weaker winds. Forecasts predict low temperatures in the area until Tuesday, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

ABC7 News Meteorologist Mike Nicco expected the weekend would bring chilly and stormy weather to the Bay Area. While forecasts said rain was unlikely, there was a possibility of experiencing thunderstorms and a high surf advisory.

On Friday, analysts predict perilous surf conditions beginning on Friday afternoon and lasting through the evening. Nicco noted the beaches could see swells of up to 22 feet with unpredictable waves and powerful winds.

The meteorologist cautioned residents who have plans to go to the beach to be wary of the water. He said gusty winds and erratic waves were a deadly combination to be unaware of during a swim.

Analysts expect the Bay Area to change abruptly due to the weather conditions. Nicco expected Friday to have the highest chance of rain. He said, “Our potential thunderstorm threat is going to develop Friday afternoon and linger through the night.”

The meteorologist added that event would be a scattered storm and is recorded as a one on their Storm Impact Scale. It has been classified at the lowest level, but forecasters expect it to bring lightning, hail, light downpours, and strong winds, ABC7 News reported.

Mill Valley experienced pea-sized hail as residents flooded the streets to observe the weather. San Franciso and East Bay locals also reported downpours and scattered showers. Residents from Tiburon, Alameda, and Contra Costa counties reported seeing lightning strikes.

National Weather Service forecaster Brayden Murdock said the rain brought around a few hundredths of an inch of water after 3:15 p.m.

The rainy weather is the first the Bay Area has seen in the last months and was brought by a storm across the Gulf of Alaska. Murdock, the tail of the weather would stay over the region until Sunday.

Forecasts for Sunday and Monday predict cold temperatures overnight, with some valleys experiencing around the 30s while the inland valleys could reach the 20s. The agency has released a frost warning that lasts between 3:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.

The weather service forecasted that the region would experience dry conditions with mild temperatures during the day from Monday to Wednesday. They noted that rain could return by Thursday or Friday, the San Francisco Gate reported.

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