Suspect Arrested After Crashing Truck Carrying 3 Puppies he Tried to Steal

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California authorities rescued three puppies who appear to be shaken up but otherwise healthy after a man stole the animals from the seller by threatening him with a gun, fled the scene and police, took the victim’s truck and crashed it on an East Bay freeway, police said.

The seller of the dogs posted an advertisement of the animals online and met up with a potential customer in South Hayward. Despite saying that he wanted to buy one of the puppies, the suspect quickly brought out a gun when he met the seller and committed the crime.

Attempted Puppy Robbery

The victim immediately called 911 to report the incident as officers rushed to locate the truck. Police officers later discovered the vehicle near Mission and Highland boulevards. When the suspect refused to pull over for police, a chase ensued.

While driving on the freeway, the suspect crashed the truck which then flipped over and laid on its roof. The man quickly tried to escape the police by running on foot, but officers were able to capture and arrest the suspect.

Police reported there was no injury caused by the chase and the subsequent crash of the truck. First responders rescued the puppies and treated them before reuniting them with the seller. Authorities transported the suspect to Santa Rita Jail who is facing carjacking, felony evasion in a vehicle, animal endangerment, possession of narcotics and various weapons charges.

Police noted that while the internet has made it increasingly easier to carry out sales, the public should carry out the sale at the police station if they feel that the person they are meeting with is not trustworthy, NBC Bay Area reported.

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