Suspect for Death of Couple Found in the Bottom of a Well Charged With Murder

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San Diego authorities have charged the suspect for the murder of two retirees from the county, nearly five months after their dead bodies were discovered at the bottom of a well at the couple’s beach house in Mexico.

Ian Hirschsohn’s daughter said that the man, known as Emmanuel N., is part of the family that owned the ranch where the victims’ vacation home has stood for decades.

Dumped Inside a Well

Prosecutors said the suspect invaded the victims’ beach house and stabbed both 73-year-old Hirschsohn and his 73-year-old wife, Kathy Harvey, while they were lying on their bed in Socorrito in late August. On September 2, the families of the couple reported them missing, prompting an investigation that led to the discovery of their bodies on September 5.

Ava Setzer, Hirschsohn’s daughter, revealed that the murderer stripped the bed where he killed the couple and threw their bodies, along with the sheets, into the well. “The past couple of months, this whole process, I can’t even describe how difficult it’s been,” she said.

During the investigation, authorities believed that the culprit was a drug addict that came in late at night, believing the house would have been empty. Officials said the suspect allegedly stole Hirschsohn’s vehicle and took the bodies to the well, four miles away from the residence.

“We always expected he would go out with a bang, something like getting mauled by a lion in South Africa. But he had no money and a 1996 Land Cruiser. Why would someone kill this old man?” Setzer said, the New York Daily News said.

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