Suspect in stabbing to death UCLA grad student Brianna Kupfer on $2M bail

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Online records show that the suspect who stabbed Brianna Kupfer to death is jailed in Los Angeles on $2 million bail, FOX News reported.

31-year-old Shawn Laval Smith was arrested by the police in Pasadena on Wednesday. A concerned citizen called 911 after seeing him near Fair Oaks and Colorado Boulevard.

Before 4:00 p.mSmith was held in Los Angeles jail, as shown in records.

The source said that the suspect first provided a fake name, and has a change sheet that covered two coasts. To confirm his identity, the LAPD deployed its fugitive unit equipped with a fingerprint reader to Pasadena.

On Thursday afternoon, Smith allegedly entered a high-end furniture store, Croft House, located on North La Brea Avenue.

The 24-year-old victim informed one of her friends through a text message that a stranger in the store makes him uncomfortable. During that time, Kupfer was working there alone.

Another customer walked in after 20 minutes and saw Kupfer stabbed. 

Aerial images obtained by FOX 11 Los Angeles show police putting Shawn Laval Smith into the back of a police SUV ahead of his expected transfer to LAPD custody. (FOX 11)

“It is tragic and heartbreaking that Brianna Kupfer was murdered while she worked,” part of Wednesday’s statement by Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon said. “It is a tremendous loss for her family and friends, the community and Los Angeles County. We are working with LAPD and will review the case as soon as it is presented to us.”

Smith was found to accumulate several criminal records in California, and North and South Carolina.

Once employed and had a stable life, Smith is now believed by authorities as a homeless transient.

According to records, he had a history of violence and mental health issues. Smith was one involved in an assault victimizing a vehicle with a child inside.