Suspect of San Jose Church Stabbing Incident’s Prison Release Canceled

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Church Stabbing Suspect Arrested

On Monday, the San Jose Police Department arrested a suspect responsible for the church stabbing incident that occurred on Sunday night. According to official records of the event, at least two people died from the murders at the Grace Baptist Church near San Jose State University on the night of November 22. Additionally, authorities also reported three injured victims from the incident.

Due to privacy and safety purposes, the police left the suspect’s identity details unknown to the public. Moreover, the cops declined to confirm whether the suspected killer is part of the church shelter’s receiving services. However, they revealed that the suspect in question is male.

San Jose public information officer Christian Camarillo revealed to the media about the events that happened during the time of the stabbing occurrence. According to Camarillo, several San Jose police officers hurried at 484 E. San Fernando St. to apprehend the situation. When they arrived before 8 p.m. on Sunday, the cops saw at least five victims suffering from knife stabs at the scene.

Detailed Events About the Incident

Camarillo admitted that one of the police officers who responded to the incident described the situation as a very chaotic one. The five victims each got a single stab injury. However, one of them, a man, died at the very time the incident happened. 

The other stabbed victim, a woman, died after being transported shortly to the nearest medical hospital by paramedics who arrived at the crime scene. Meanwhile, three other adult victims got their stab wounds treated. However, as of Monday afternoon, all three of them remain in stable yet critical health conditions.

The two deaths from the church stabbing incident add up to San Jose’s 2020 number of homicide cases to a total of 41recorded instances. Meanwhile, the Santa Clara County Coroner’s Office assures the public that they will release the identification of the two dead victims soon after conducting thorough autopsies and contacting the deceased’ family members.

Reverend Robinson and the Church Community Express Grief and Shock Over the News

The church’s Reverend, David Robinson, expressed his grief and shock with the tragic news. According to his interview with ABC7 News, one of the three surviving victims was a church staff who tried to stop the incident from unfolding. Robinson also acknowledged that multiple risks might happen as setbacks from the church’s shelter services, and the horrible homicide is one of them.

The stabbing incident took place at Grace Solutions, the church’s winter non-profit winter shelter for the homeless. The infrastructure operates a basement and church gymnasium for church staff members and sheltered individuals to use. According to Robinson, the Grace Baptist Church’s housing program shelters over 40 to 50 houseless individuals, allowing them to stay overnight and provide them food to eat.

Based on one of the witnesses’ accounts of the homicide, Robinson told the media that several people stayed in the church’s sanctuary when someone they know went in. From there, things started heating up, leading to the horrible events of the church homicide. Despite the whole incident, Robinson still encouraged the public to pray for those involved, including the suspect. Moreover, the Reverend pastor clarified that the church’s sheltering services would continue its mission to feed the hungry and house the homeless during the winter season.

San Jose Mayor’s Statement and Residents’ Concerns for the Homeless

On Monday, the San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo expressed his support for the affected individuals while the case’s investigation continues. In his official statement, Liccardo laments for the two victims’ deaths and hopes for a speedy recovery of the remaining three who withstood the injuries they received from the attacks.

On the other hand, a few people living in a highly residential area near San Jose State University expressed their concerns and worries toward unhoused individuals. According to resident Sally Schroeder, he stresses that the tragic event reflects the homeless population’s urgent need to receive mental health assistance and necessities. Additionally, Schroeder also voiced his plea for the city to aid in such requirements.