Suspect remains in hospital after sustaining shots from police in Mississippi

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A suspect behind multiple offenses in the capital city of Mississippi is still seeking medical attention on Sunday.

He was shot by the police a couple of days ago.

According to Sam Brown, Jackson Police Department spokesperson, no latest information is available on the suspect, named Jaden Hill, as of Sunday.

Hill is suspected to be behind three armed robberies, murder, shooting, vehicle stealing, and has committed assault against law enforcers, investigators said.

These offenses were believed to have been done at a single hour last Friday.

The spokesperson, in his interview with The Associated Press, was still unsure whether the law enforcers will wait until Hill is discharged from the hospital before filing cases. He cannot also tell whether the suspect had a legal representative.

Meanwhile, church members shared to WLBT-TV that they were protected by God from the suspect.

Allegedly, Hill stopped at the parking lot, went out of the car he stole and held an old man at gunpoint, all while Apostle Clayton Cowart was directing a tent meeting.

The apostle said the suspect has asked for money but the old man said he only has the word of God to offer, pushing Hill to leave the place.

“You look at all of the individuals who were shot who he made contact with, and this one elder was spared,” according to Cowart. “That’s nothing but the grace of God.”

The elderly named Ronnie Upshaw, serves as a pastor and is from Gainesville, Florida. During the attack, he was outside the tent to provide security.

“The hand of God is protecting me,” the pastor said on Saturday.

Jackson said it experienced the most violent year for homicides in 2020.

This year, the city has recorded more than 50 homicides, counting Friday’s incidence.