Suspect was trying to steal toolbox in Home Depot fatal shooting: court docs

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Court documents released on Thursday reveal more information on the fatal shooting at a Pleasanton Home Depot that left 1 dead. 

Benicia Knapps, 32, and David Guillory, 31, were arrested under suspicion of shooting Blake Mohs, 26. 

According to the court documents released by the  Alameda County District Attorney’s Office, Knapps was trying to steal a DeWalt toolbox before shooting Mohs in the heart. 

Surveillance video shows Knapps entering the Home Depot through the front entrance and selecting a large, yellow DeWalt box that costs $142.96. 

Knapps was seen exiting the back of the store without paying for the item. After she leaves, Mohs and another store employee confronted her outside. 

Mohs was able to wrestle the item away from Knapps and ran back into the store with the other employee as Knapps took out a gun from her purse. 

In the store, court documents say there was another struggle for the toolbox, and then Knapps shoots Mohs “from point blank range.”

After the shooting, she is seen getting into the getaway car, a red 1996 Nissan Pathfinder, with the toolbox and with Guillory as the driver. 

The car drove the wrong way on a one-way street at 90 miles per hour. All the while Knapps was holding her 21-month-old child in her arms. 

Guillory drove westbound on I-580 and onto Golf Links Road before stopping at 7950 Ney Avenue and fleeing on foot. According to court documents, Knapps handed her child to her grandmother. 

“Knapp (sic.) placed the kid in grave danger based on the fact she left her child in the get away vehicle when she knowingly was going to commit a crime and use the vehicle her baby was in as the getaway vehicle,” court documents said. “Knapp knew she was armed with a handgun prior to entering Home Depot and committing the theft, which also made this situation much more dangerous for Knapp’s child based on what could have happened with her being armed with a firearm.”

In an interview with police, Knapps admitted to stealing the toolbox. She said she was carrying a gun, but accidentally fired it. 


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