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The metaverse is money and crypto is king – why you’ll be on a blockchain when you’re virtual-world hopping

Rabindra Ratan, Michigan State University and Dar Meshi, Michigan State University You may think the metaverse will be a bunch of interconnected virtual spaces – the world wide web but accessed through virtual reality. This is largely correct, but there is also a fundamental but slightly more cryptic side to the metaverse that will set it apart from today’s internet: the blockchain. In the beginning, Web 1.0 was the information superhighway of connected computers and servers that you could search, explore and inhabit, usually through a centralized company’s platform – for example, AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft and Google. Around the turn

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‘Dataraising’ – when you’re asked to chip in with data instead of money

Lucy Bernholz, Stanford University Fundraising appeals are part of everyday life, both online and off. Requests for financial donations arrive by snail mail, email, social media and text messages. Cashiers at chain stores and supermarkets ask if you want to chip in for charitable causes. If you’re in the U.S., you might also be getting nearly constant texts asking you to contribute to political campaigns. In my book “How We Give Now,” I explore how acts of giving extend beyond donating money to nonprofits, including an interesting trend on the rise that I call “dataraising.” It’s a term I coined

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Google employees gets free COVID testing, but union notes unfair access

At-home COVID-19 tests were made available by Google for its full-time employees and their families, but thousands of contractors and temporary workers of the company are not getting the same benefit, a Google engineer said, San Francisco Chronicle reported. In an email, a Google spokesperson confirmed that the company has indeed made at-home and in-person testing free for its employees and also for vendors and temporary workers. But there is an inequality for Google’s depended workforce, Google software engineer and Alphabet Workers Union member Ashok Chandwaney said. “Right now all full time Google employees, even if they are exclusively working

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Many sites disrupted as Amazon Web Services suffer major outage

Several popular sites cannot be easily accessed on Tuesday after a major outage hit Amazon’s cloud-service network, the company confirmed, as reported by AP News. Many governments, companies, universities, and media outlets like The Associated Press use the said remote computing services. The company released a statement on its AWS status page after it received complaints on Amazon Web Services. It said that the present issue behind the outage had been “mitigated”. Amazon then reported shortly that “many services have already recovered.” It, however, noted that work continues for others to fully recover. It said that the concern primarily impacted

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