“The One Where They Get Back Together”: Friends’ reunion trailer pours sense of nostalgia

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Lovers might come and leave, but your sacred relationship with the lovable casts of the American sitcom “Friends” is here to stay.

Or so you felt as you watched the trailer of the anticipated reunion released on May 19.

The reunion trailer brought you back to moments you realized have in fact remained in your heart for 14 years after the sitcom concluded in 2004.

The much-loved episode where character David Schwimmer, who played the character Ross, threw questions to his friends opened the trailer.

Back on their usual positions on a couch, Jennifer Aniston as Rachel in Friends; Lisa Kudrow as Pheobe; Courteney Cox as Monica; and Matthew Le Blanc as Joey were all hyped to respond to Ross’ questions.

“Rachel wrote Ross a letter and demanded he read it before they got back together. How long was that letter?” Ross shoots.

LeBlanc hurriedly answers “18 pages!”, followed immediately by Aniston’s excited voice saying  “Front and back!”

The scene can easily be related upon by people who have grown up watching the sitcom, which, among others, revolved on the unstable relationship between Ross and Rachel.

Ross’ excuse that the two of them were on a break was also resolved in the trailer.

Among the earliest episodes of Friends showed that Ross has cheated with Rachel following their argument as girlfriend-boyfriend.

Set to premiere on HBO Max this May 27, Friends’ reunion episode is hoped to give its fans a well-deserved closure.

The sitcom continued to be a hit among the youth as it aired on Netflix 14 years after it ended. Devoted fans are waiting for the return of the six, whose faces remain familiar even the actors and actresses already aged.