The search is over: Parents reunite with son after 24 years

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A Chinese couple has finally reunited with their son, who was abducted as a young kid outside their residence, after 24 long years of searching.

The police in their hometown of Liaocheng have organized a reunion for the family. Parents Guo Gangtang and Zhang Wenge did not hold back tears as they wrapped their now 26-year-old child in their arms, a video provided by the authorities show.

After losing their son to kidnappers, Guo went across China by motorcycle to look for him. He then became an activist who assisted the authorities to take missing kids home to their parents, triggering public rage on abduction aces.

The son, Suo Xinzhen, was then 2 and a half when he was taken by strangers to Hebei province, the police said. He was made for sale for a couple in Central China.

The country has recorded cases of abductions of children for the same even though the process of how it happens is still vague.

According to a statement from the police ministry, Guo Xinzhen was located last month through looking through databases of people’s pictures who might look like him as an adult. A DNA test was run and confirmed his identity.

The ministry said his kidnappers with surnames Tang and Hu were arrested and admitted to having trafficked three boys. They can possibly be penalized with death, but they are yet to face trial.

The police ministry said Guo Xinzhen’s parents’ blood samples were provided in an “anti-abduction DNA system” but they have traced no matches among the boys rescued who were believed to have been kidnapped.

Children who are too young and do not know personal information like their name are the target of the kidnappers, the Associated Press reported.

“So happy for Mr. Guo,” one of the posts on a social media platform said. “He found his long-lost son and can move on with his own life.”

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