Three-Alarm Noe Valley Fire Damages Four Homes, Injures One Firefighter

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A three-alarm fire broke out in a Noe Valley neighborhood on Wednesday morning, engulfing four homes in flames. San Francisco firefighters contained the blaze, but one person was left with minor injuries.

The San Francisco Fire Department said the fire was reported at around 2:12 am through the Citizen App page, the tweet read. 

Officials from the local fire department said the cause of the fire was a live wire in the garage, which was found at the scene. A third alarm was raised around 2:19 a.m. as the flames spread across roofs and engulfed two other homes.

Fire crews conducted an initial investigation of the residence and found that there were no victims trapped inside. The department said that while no civilians have sustained any injuries, a crew was hurt during the blaze, CBS Local.

Firefighters had successfully contained the blaze around 2:45 am and prevented it from spreading to other areas. 

The Fire Department released additional updates about the fire and said four homes in total were damaged. Six adult individuals have also been displaced. They also said that they had provided treatment to the injured firefighter.

During a live feed posted on the Citizen App, Lieutenant Jonathan Baxter shared details about the damage caused by the fire. Two homes suffered minor damage, while the remaining two were severely impacted. The flames also destroyed the upper floors of a three-story Victorian house.

Around 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday, a single-engine was still stationed on the block while personnel conducted clean up operations, the San Francisco Gate reported.

Earlier this week, a firefighter from San Francisco was injured after he fell and hit his head while fighting against a high-rise fire at 55 Spear St., said Lt. Baxter. He said a Muni bus drove through the operational area and resulted in the victim being struck by a hose line while at the scene, knocking him off to the ground.

Baxter noted that the firefighter, Matthew Vann, was found unconscious and not breathing. Officials immediately transferred him to a Zuckerberg General Hospital, where he remained in critical condition until Monday evening.

Muni said no passenger was aboard the bus during the operation. They also said the bus driver has been working for them for about six years. The company said they would conduct a drug and alcohol test on the driver involved in the incident. His driving status has been suspended while an investigation is being performed, NBC Bay Area reported.

Last month, a firefighter for the San Francisco Fire Department died during training exercises. Officials of the department conducted investigations to look into the details of the incident that lead to the death of the 42-year-old victim, Jason Cortez.

Baxter said the department wished to pay its respects to Cortez and his family by having non-biased officials lead the investigation and bring a conclusion for the victim’s family and friends.

The department spokesperson also noted the planning of Cortez’s funeral would be a challenging undertaking. Baxter said it was common for the department to have a large gathering to show their support for public servants. However, the coronavirus pandemic would require them to evaluate their options to ensure they follow safety protocols.

Residents placed flowers, candles, and cards outside the station where the victim lost his life to show their love and support for the department and thank Cortez for his public service. Fire officials said they were moved by the gestures.

Baxter expressed his gratitude to nearby police departments for their assistance after Cortez’s death. He also thanked the San Francisco General Hospital staff, including Dr. Erlich and Dr. Colwell, ABC7 News reported.

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