TikTok prank targets Bay Area Buffalo Wild Wings

2 mins read

Buffalo Wild Wings in the Bay Area was victimized by a strange TikTok prank that has gone viral.

TikTok user @caturin3 posted the video on TikTok that tells any user who watches it to call a Buffalo Wild Wings in San Jose and order beans.

“Call this buffalo wild wings and ask for just beans they get soooo mad,” the TikTok video shows as it also provided Buffalo Wild Wings’ phone number in San Jose.

As of Thursday, the video has already been watched by 7 million and liked by 1.6 million. It has been encouraged by curious TikTok users asking in the comments whether the prank worked.

TikTok commenters said that the Buffalo Wild Wings ended up shutting its phones because of the flood of calls.

Other Buffalo Wild Wings across the country could have probably been victimized too, as TikTok users urge others to ring their local locations for a similar prank.

An “unusual activity alert” was also enabled by Yelp for the same location. This happens when “unusual activity alert” for this location, which takes place whenever “people come to this page to post their views on the news.”

The prank emerged in February last year. A YouTube prankster using the name of Jesus Christ said they “called everyday for two months asking for beans and now they just hang up or get really mad.”

Since February this year, TripAdvisor’s reviews for the location have been swamped with bean trolls. Bean jokes were spilled to more than half of the reviews of the location, SFGATE reported.

Last year, a promotional meal of McDonald’s drive-thrus with rapper Tavis Scott gave way to a TikTok meme. Drive-thru customers of the fast-food chain blast the rapper’s song “Sicko Mode”. Videos of the said prank also exploded on TikTok.