Video footage captured the moment where youth footballers were running a drill just as a young boy was violently knocked to the ground by another player, prompting criticism of the coaches from social media.

The recording was quickly shared through several social media platforms on Tuesday and Wednesday, inciting talks about inappropriate training for children. You could also hear laughing from the adults at the scene when they see the young boy pushed down.

Violent Football

The training is allegedly designed to teach defenders how to tackle their opposition and teach ball carriers how to break a tackle. Many have expressed their thoughts that young children should not be subjected to the type of training that could cause severe physical damage.

Tin recent years, the NFL and NCAA have worked on penalizing players who lower their heads before initiating contact with another player. Officials said the act is very dangerous and could result in severe head and neck injuries, Yahoo Sports reported.

On Wednesday, USA Football said the video footage showed something that was against what it teaches to youth football coaches. The agency is responsible for certifying coaches in the United States. In its history, it has issued more than 700,000 football coaching certifications.

Through the years, the organization implemented several processes that make it safer for both players and coaches when training. The football development model includes different techniques and adapts to a player’s age and physical capabilities. Former NFL players also expressed their criticism of the training video