Transbay BART stopped for man who got into Transbay Tube

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Transbay BART service was stopped for over an hour on Wednesday evening due to a person entering the Transbay Tube. 

The suspect was arrested on Thursday and identified as Jerry Howard of San Francisco. 

Alicia Trost, the chief communications officer at BART says the man in an SFO-bound train through the tube when he pulled an emergency door release. 

The release stopped the train and the door opened. 

According to Trost, the suspect exited the train and walked through different doors in the tube, setting off alarms and alerting BART officials. 

BART searched for the man and discovered he used an emergency exit to leave the tube into San Francisco. 

The exit is not on a platform and cannot be seen by passengers and police. 

“That is why the suspect was not apprehended,” Trost said before the arrest. “We did use all of our surveillance footage to capture images, and we shared images. There is now an active arrest warrant for this individual.”

The BART service stopped when many people were looking to cross back to the East Bay after finishing work. 

The San Francisco Bay Ferry commissioned extra ferries to take commuters across the water as BART recovered.


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