Trial against R&B superstar R. Kelly over sexual abuse allegations unfolds after several years

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The famed “I Believe I Can Fly” singer, R&B superstar R. Kelly will be subjected to a federal trial that will reveal his already-apparent side.

The singer will be put on trial after women came out claiming that they were sexually abused by R. Kelly.

The 54-year old superstar did not admit to any of the accusations.

According to music writer Jim DeRogatis, there will be “a feeling of ‘too little too late” if the trial resolves the claims of Kelly’s victims.

 “Thousands of people,” he said, “knew about his behavior for decades.”

In a documentary series entitled “Surviving R. Kelly,” writer Mikki Kendall posted a question “why didn’t anyone notice?”. “The answer is that we all noticed. No one cared because we were Black girls.”

A total of seven men and five women were set to speak up before a jury on Wednesday. The trial will follow the pandemic restrictions, limiting the media and the public to flood the courtrooms.

Kelly’s alleged involvement in sexual abuse cases as part of the pop culture, even before he succeeded in 2008 with a child pornography case in Chicago. The “Chappelle’s Show” in 2003 carried a mock music video featuring Chappelle as R. Kelly doing a song that circled on the allegation that he urinated on an underage female.

Kelly’s life went back to normal – recording tours and recording – after he was acquitted. Among those he recorded was the song “Do What U Want” that he did in 2013 with Lady Gaga, ABC News reported.

Kelly is back in the media spotlight again for his alleged wrongdoings fanned by the documentary “Surviving R. Kelly”, with also the emergence of the #MeToo era. The scrutiny looked into how the superstar was shielded by a team of supporters and barred his victims for decades, revealing a federal criminal conspiracy case that jailed Kelly in 2019. Initially, he was detained in Chicago and was moved to New York City in June.