Trump Wants to Take Elections Fraud Case to the Supreme Court

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a rally, Wednesday, June 29, 2016, in Bangor, Maine.(AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty)

Trump Expresses His Concern of the Supreme Court Not Hearing Him Out

On Sunday, former President Donald Trump stated that the U.S. Supreme Court might not hear his election fraud claims. According to Trump, he loses his faith to try and overrule the November 3 election results. He also admitted his doubts about his legal approach to put out and win the case.

According to Fox News, who interviewed Trump via a telephone call, stated that the former president expresses his concern to push his case through with the Supreme Court. Despite having the best attorneys and Supreme Court campaigners by his side, Trump declared that pleading his plight at the court would prove laborious to do so.

Moreover, Trump told Fox News that even though six months would pass after the voting elections, that period would not stop him from protesting against the polls’ outcomes. In this year’s elections, Democratic Joe Biden won the country’s presidential position, unseating Trump from his 4-year term as the U.S. President.

Since the November elections, Trump’s first full interview was with “Sunday Morning Features.” When he got asked about his legal complaints on the 2020 election results, he firmly went against the judges’ decisions on not doing so. Trump explained that he has tremendous evidence that the voting results got rigged, and he plans to build a big and nice lawsuit out of it. Additionally, he also revealed that the Supreme Court told him that he has no standing in his claims and is not permitted to show the proof that he and his team have collected from the event.

Trump stated to host Maria Bartiromo that he feels appalled by the court’s current system, complaining that he has no right to defend his case as United States’ president. He would not give up his fight against the outcomes of the 2020 elections. 

President-elect Joe Biden’s Plans and Trump’s Stance on the Voter Fraud Claims

On the other hand, former Vice President and Trump’s rival Joe Biden publicly address his plans for his starting January term and announces his new Cabinet members. 

Trump challenged Biden to prove that his obtained votes to secure his spot in the White House did not come from illegal means, as the former president declared on Friday. Moreover, Trump’s campaign also faces legal obstacles for weeks, such as in Pennsylvania. According to Trump’s movement, there is voter fraud going on in the previously mentioned state and other districts.

To further address such allegations, Trump expressed that he and his confederates have so much proof that voter fraud did happen in this year’s elections. They are trying their best to put the evidence out, stating that they have so many witnesses that could prove the voter fraud allegations. During last week’s Wednesday, Trump’s campaign attended a hearing in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. However, the Supreme Court denied their efforts to fight for their claims.

Former vice president Biden won the presidential seat by having a winning vote of more than 6 million. On Friday, he also surpassed the 80-million vote threshold and still counting.

Trump expressed his disappointment in both the Department of Justice and the FBI, saying that they are missing in action from getting his voter fraud allegations heard at the Supreme Court.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s Rejection

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejected the latest rebuff lawsuit filed by Trump’s advocates on Sunday concerning Biden’s win in the presidential elections. Within the country, judges continuously turn down every Trump’s case on the court.

Despite the knock-back legal failures, Trump’s campaign refuses to give up their battle against their wish for the Supreme Court to hear their claims. Recently, the court has Trump’s appointed three justices and a 6-3 conservative majority vote supporting the former president’s allegations. However, due to the lack of tremendous proof to back up the voter fraud accusations, the lower courts attacked Trump for that weakness.

According to Jenna Ellis on Friday, one of Trump’s legal advisers, their most recent Pennsylvania rejection would lead them to the top court to try and defend their case.