Twitter plans to charge $3 monthly subscription for exclusive services

2 mins read

Paying for a subscription nears.

In a tweet on Saturday, app researcher Jane Manchun said that the social media site is gearing to unveil a monthly subscription scheme amounting to $3.

The new model, dubbed as the Twitter Blue, will allow users to enjoy privileged services like taking back of tweets, as well as shelving and managing favorite tweets.

The social media site’s venture for the said idea was unveiled by its CEO, Jack Dorsey, last year. After its recent possession of Scroll, Twitter’s vice president Mark Park said through a blog that Scroll “will become a meaningful addition to our subscriptions work as we build and shape a future subscription service on Twitter.”

While users of the said platform increases, it is understandable that the company seeks other ways to turn its service into profit.

Advertising receipts of the site recorded a 32 percent increase year over year, hitting almost $900 million and seeing an unexpected growth last month.

But the opposite happened with its users, which grew fewer than what was expected, and recorded only an increase by 7 million.

Twitter further said that its advertising sales will incur “modest impact” as Apple asked its apps to look for user permission prior to monitoring their online nibbling style.

The social media site’s subscription scheme is a potential help for the tech stock to start the said fall.

In a tweet over the weekend, Wong, who develops apps to look for the services it had in store, said that Twitter Blue can possibly have subscription standoff. This, as the rates it will offer will be higher like news reading experience, which is less-crowded.

It is still unclear whether the platform will boost tweets from those who paid. However, it appears that it tries to invite Internet influencers and brands to avail of the subscription.

Twitter has not yet issued its comment regarding the reports.